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Insuring the Life of a Key Executive can be Vital for Business Continuity

If there is no plan to replace this key individual, the whole company could be at risk Most small companies involve a key individual with the skills, knowledge and contacts that are key to the company’s success. The question arises as to what happens if that person dies? The risk is that if there is […]

How Phantom Equity Can Drive Engagement

It’s a common enough entrepreneurial scenario. You shed blood, sweat, and tears to get your company off the ground. Now it’s up, running, and doing well. But many of your employees weren’t there for the start-up phase, so to them it’s just a job. What you really want now is a company in which all […]

Stock awards behind most CEO pay hikes

Practice encourages leaders of management firms to take a longer-term perspective More CEOs at large money managers or banks with large asset management units received total compensation increases in 2017 compared with the previous year, and most increases came via stock awards — a practice that sources said would continue as managers tie chief executive […]

Private companies more optimistic after tax reform

Leaders of privately held companies are feeling more optimistic about the prospects for economic growth in the wake of the tax reform law, according to a survey released Tuesday by Big Four firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. PwC’s quarterly Trendsetter Barometer report is the first to be released since the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last December. […]

A Strong Voice. Associate Member Advisory Council Leaders share achievements and goals for continued success.

IBAT’s Associate Member Advisory Council was established in 2006 to represent associate members and to serve as a resource for bankers, associate members and IBAT staff regarding emerging legislative and regulatory issues. The council’s mission is to enable IBAT associate members to maximize their membership investment and membership experience. To mark the first decade of the council’s […]

A Strategic Approach To Compensation

How often does your bank address compensation? I’ve worked with banks that determine year-end bonuses based on the strength of the CEO’s morning coffee. And some banks have comp plans so convoluted that it takes legal counsel to interpret them. Somewhere along this continuum is your bank’s “sweet spot” – that combination of planning and strategy […]

MetLife to sell or spin-off much of U.S. life insurance business

MetLife wants to divest itself of a large portion of its U.S. life insurance unit in order to ease capital burdens the firm expects to face under new federal regulations. In an announcement Tuesday, MetLife said it is considering a public offering of shares in an independent, publicly traded company, a spin-off, or a sale. […]

Peyton Manning made $2M with win over Patriots

Back in March, Peyton Manning agreed to restructure his contract ahead of his fourth season with the Denver Broncos. That’s the nice way to put it. Another way to say it is Manning was forced to take a pay cut to keep his job. Reports indicated the Broncos wanted to slash Manning’s salary by more […]

Five Life Lessons from Nick Saban’s “Process”

We’ve all heard about “The Process” as it relates to Alabama head coach Nick Saban and his program. When most hear the term, they immediately picture Saban on the practice field, voice raised, intensity in his eyes and coaching his rear off. But in digging into exactly what “The Process” is, one finds that it […]

Billy Granville Named Trustee at Chinquapin Preparatory School

In September, I was named to the Board of Trustees for Chinquapin Preparatory School in Houston (www.chinquapin.org). This unique college-preparatory non-profit private school serves students in grades six through twelve, who come primarily from low-income families. In return for their access to an excellent, rigorous education, the students work extra hours around the school and […]