Executive Benefits

Should Phantom Stock be part of your plans?

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Key Employee Pay Structure

1. Base Salary
2. Benefits (Insurance / Financial Products)
  • Health Insurance
  • 401K-Qualified Plans
  • Fringe Benefits
3. Short-term Incentive Plan (Cash)
  • Structured Bonus Plan
  • Discretionary Bonuses
4. Long-term Compensation (Equity & Deferred Comp.)
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Phantom Stock
  • Restricted Stock Grants
  • Stock Options
  • SERPs

Mix of Pay


Key Employee Compensation
and Business Evolution

Goals for Key Employees
  • Attract
  • Retain
  • Reward
  • Protect
Variables to Consider
  • Industry Dynamics?
  • Family Owned?
  • Geographical Market?
  • The¬†Organization’s Strategic Plan?
  • Age of the Executive?
  • Unique Abilities and Skills of the Executive?
  • Goals and Motivation of the Executive?
  • Budget / Cash Flow?
  • Equity Comp. / Deferred Comp.?

Your Key Employee Compensation strategy should have the flexibility to grow along with your business.

We know the importance of a strong game plan and believe that good decisions mean you get to keep on winning.

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